CRYOcheck LA Check?


CRYOcheck LA Check?

CRYOcheck??LA Check is a dilute Russell's Viper Venom Time (dRVVT) reagent intended to screen for the presence of lupus anticoagulant (LA) in citrated human plasma. The reagent contains Russell's viper venom, phospholipids, and anti-heparin agents.?CRYOcheck LA Check can be used in conjunction with?CRYOcheck LA Sure to confirm the presence of LAs.

  • Frozen format eliminates reconstitution errors
  • Easily adapted for use on most instruments
  • Unused reagent may be refrozen
  • 48-hour stability once thawed if refrigerated at 2 °C to 8 °C in the original capped vial
  • Screening (CRYOcheck LA Check) and confirmatory (CRYOcheck LA Sure) reagents are manufactured to strict tolerances and do not need to be "matched" by specific lot numbers

Storage and Shelf Life

  • kitcontrolreagent


    between -40 °C and -80 °C
  • kitcontrolreagent


  • kitcontrolreagent


    3 years after manufacturing date

Available Formats

Cat # Format
  • 25 x 1.0 mL