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With more than 25 years of proven experience developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality frozen controls, calibrators, reagents, specialty plasmas and diagnostic kits, Precision BioLogic has the knowledge and expertise to help you grow your business.

From research and development to custom and contract manufacturing, Precision BioLogic is here to help at any stage of your product life cycle.

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Case Study: Global Biotechnology Company

THE PROBLEM: A global biotechnology company with a new factor replacement therapy drug sought Precision BioLogic’s expertise in understanding possible testing variability.

THE SOLUTION: A series of collaborative discussions led to the idea of creating a laboratory sample kit and running a research study to help identify laboratories that may not be measuring the drug accurately. Using its research and manufacturing expertise, Precision BioLogic created the kit and led a US-based research study, which proved very informative.

THE RESULT: Success of the initial study led to studies in two other countries and the subsequent sharing of results with the patient and diagnostics communities, along with publications at multiple symposia.

Case Study: Global Diagnostics Systems Manufacturer

THE PROBLEM: A global diagnostics systems manufacturer required a large combination of normal plasmas for internal quality control studies.

THE SOLUTION: Following discussions to clearly understand the systems manufacturer’s needs, Precision BioLogic developed, manufactured and delivered two new normal donor set products.

THE RESULT: The new donor sets were delivered in a timely fashion, enabling the systems manufacturer to complete their studies successfully and on schedule.