CRYOcheck Pooled Normal Plasma

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CRYOcheck Pooled Normal Plasma

CRYOcheck? Pooled Normal Plasma is comprised of platelet-poor plasma from 20 or more carefully screened male and female donors aged 18 to 66. It is recommended as a normal control for the one?stage PT and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) assays. It may also be used as an alternative to laboratory collected pools of normal plasma.

  • Each lot number is verified to be normal for factors II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII (factor assay value sheet available upon request) as well as fibrinogen
  • Donors are screened negative for lupus anticoagulants
  • Source plasmas are screened negative for all FDA-required tests

Storage and Shelf Life

  • kitcontrolreagent


    between -40 °C and -80 °C
  • kitcontrolreagent


  • kitreagentcontrol


    2 years after manufacturing date

Available Formats

Cat # Format
  • 80 x 1.0 mL
  • 80 x 1.5 mL
  • 81 x 4.0 mL