CRYOcheck APCR Positive Control

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CRYOcheck APCR Positive Control

CRYOcheck? APCR Positive Control is intended for use as a positive control in clot-based screening assays for Activated Protein C Resistance (APCR) and may be used to supplement or replace in-house controls. Plasma is collected from donor(s) confirmed heterozygous for factor VLeiden mutation by polymerase chain reaction-based analysis.

  • 8-hour stability once thawed if refrigerated at 2 °C to 8 °C in the original capped vial

Storage and Shelf Life

  • kitcontrolreagent


    between -40 °C and -80 °C
  • kitcontrolreagent


  • kitcontrolreagent


    3 years after manufacturing date

Available Formats

Cat # Format
  • 25 x 0.5 mL